Ayn Rand… The Statist

With Paul Ryan’s ascent to the Republican ticket, Ayn Rand returned to contemporary political conversation. Her artistic abilities aside – she has all the weaknesses of Wordsworth’s Romantics with none of their attendant strengths –Rand’s supporters tout her Objectivist individualism as an answer to the claims of Leviathan. But, paradoxically, her defense of individual freedom … Continue reading

Ayn Rand a Natural Law Thinker?

Atlas Society

Can a Secularist graduate from Catholic University? Ed Hudgins, Director of Advocacy for The Atlas Society, did. He also thinks that Ayn Rand was a Natural Law thinker. Does atheistic Objectivism share the same roots as Roman Catholic political philosophy? On Thursday night, Hudgins addressed around thirty spectators at the America’s Future Foundation May Roundtable, … Continue reading

True Libertarianism: A Response to “Are You Really A Libertarian?”

By Sam Pauken What is a libertarian?  Ask anyone you meet, and you’ll probably get many different answers.  If you’re one yourself, you’ll no doubt be disheartened at all the misconceptions that are out there.  That’s not surprising.  Libertarians are still a minority in America, and many people misunderstand beliefs that are not their own. … Continue reading

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